Uttoxeter Town Council

2021 Uttoxeter in Bloom Results


Uttoxeter Town Council and the Uttoxeter In Bloom Committee are proud to announce that Uttoxeter has achieved the following results in this years Heart of England In Bloom campaign:


Town Category: Gold

It’s Your Neighbourhood Bradley House: Thriving

It’s Your Neighbourhood Go Garden: Outstanding

It’s Your Neighbourhood Proud to be Picknalls: Thriving

It’s Your Neighbourhood Redfern’s Cottage: Thriving

It’s Your Neighbourhood Uttoxeter Community Garden: Outstanding

It’s Your Neighbourhood Library Courtyard Garden: Outstanding

It’s Your Neighbourhood Station Adopters: Outstanding

Park Category Uttoxeter Cemetery: Gold

Park Category Bramshall Road Park: Silver Gilt

Park Category Pennycroft Park: Silver (first year entered)

Discretionary Award for Outstanding Merit: Mick Eyre (community volunteer)

Discretionary Award for Outstanding Achievement: Zdzislaw Krupski (community volunteer and Town Councillor)

RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood Outstanding Achievement Award: Station Adopters


Heart of England is the region in which Uttoxeter is assessed as part of the broader Britain In Bloom campaign. Entries are judged by three categories: Horticulture, Environment and Community and the overall aim is to make communities safe, clean and green. 

The Town Category was assessed digitally via a portfolio but as restrictions eased the judges were able to visit in person for It’s Your Neighbourhood and Park judging. It was so lovely for the groups to be able to share their gardens with the judges after such a tough 18 months; with some community garden groups unable to gain access to the gardens until spring this year.

Chair of the Uttoxeter In Bloom Committee, Councillor Marie Williams said “As Chair of the Uttoxeter in Bloom Committee I am delighted that all our entrants to the Heart of England In Bloom campaign for 2021 have achieved such fantastic results. All volunteers and contributors have worked especially hard this year following the challenges of the previous year and their perseverance and commitment has been recognised in these awards. They should all be very proud of their achievements and I know many Uttoxeter residents have enjoyed the results of all the In Bloom efforts. Congratulations to all!”


Town Mayor, Councillor Chris Sylvester said “I would like to personally congratulate and thank all those involved in Uttoxeter’s entry in The Heart of England in Bloom campaign. We were awarded Gold in the Town Category and many other awards in the other categories. This includes community volunteers and helpers and Town Hall staff and councillors all of whom have put a massive amount of work in to achieve these awards. Special thanks go to Mick Eyre and Zdzislaw Krupski for winning Discretionary Awards for Outstanding Achievement – Community Volunteers and to Councillor Marie Williams, Chair of the Uttoxeter In Bloom Committee. We should all be proud of Uttoxeter’s outstanding achievements in this campaign in a year of adversity. It has helped to bring the community together, as we came out of the pandemic, and brighten-up and bring an array of colours to our Town.”