Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Plan

Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Plan was ‘made’ by East Staffordshire Borough Council on 9 March 2017 via an Executive Decision. 

The Decision Statement, Neighbourhood Referendum result, Final made Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Plan and other documentation relating to the Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed on ESBC’s website http://www.eaststaffsbc.gov.uk/planning/planning-policy/neighbourhood-plans/uttoxeter 



Date:  22nd February 2016

Contact:  JOSEPHINE SAMUELS (01625 26 52 32/ jo.samuels@bpud.co.uk)



The Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group offered clarification on the relationship between the draft Neighbourhood Plan and sites allocated for housing in and around the town.

There were some concerns that the Neighbourhood Plan was supporting or even proposing new housing development within the town. This was not the case. The following bullet points set out the relationship between the Neighbourhood Plan and housing allocations;

1. The Neighbourhood Plan was required by national regulation to be in ‘general conformity’ with the strategic policies of the East Staffordshire Local Plan which was adopted in 2015. In practise this means that Neighbourhood Plans must have complied with land allocations made within the Local Plan, including sites allocated for housing and employment uses (this includes Land West of Uttoxeter, employment land to the east of Uttoxeter and smaller allocations for housing to the south of the town).

2. Once the Neighbourhood Plan had been written and adopted, East Staffordshire Borough Council were required to consider the policies in the plan when deciding on planning applications for new development in Uttoxeter Town Parish (the area covered by the Neighbourhood Plan), alongside the East Staffordshire Local Plan 2015.

3. The Neighbourhood Plan could not alter housing allocations within the East Staffordshire Local Plan 2015 but did have the power to introduce new allocations.  The Town Council and Steering Group were however, clear that they considered further allocations were unnecessary.

4. The Neighbourhood Plan could however, shape how housing is delivered on those sites through planning policies on architectural design, density, mix and type of houses provided. Policies were drafted accordingly.

5. The Neighbourhood Plan could also seek financial contributions from these schemes in order to implement any highways or infrastructure work needed as a result of development.

6. The Steering Group remained committed to using the Neighbourhood Plan to make the planning system more accessible to the local community. They ensured residents and local business owners were fully informed of what was planned for the area and how they could contribute to how planning decisions were made.

7. For clarity the Steering Group chose to include within the Neighbourhood Plan a map which displayed all of the sites allocated for development by the Borough Council, in addition to sites approved on appeal. This was in order to provide context for the Neighbourhood Plan and its policies and to ensure that residents were fully informed of where and when development might be expected to occur.

8. The map included was for information only. Its aim was to ensure residents were fully informed of the ‘big picture’ for Uttoxeter. It also demonstrated why there was a need for the Neighbourhood Plan as a tool to ensure that the development which did occur was the best it could be for residents. The Neighbourhood Plan was not allocating any sites for housing and did not have the power to change allocations made by East Staffordshire Borough Council.


Notes for Editors:

Uttoxeter Town Council formed a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee which worked with the Cheshire based planning consultancy BPUD Limited in the development of the plan.

Neighbourhood Plans were introduced by central government in 2010 to give communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and to shape the development and growth of their local area through the planning system.



The Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group extended their thanks and gratitude to all local residents and stakeholders who attended consultation events and provided their feedback on what they felt were the key issues in Uttoxeter that the Plan should tackle.

The group produced a first complete draft of the Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Plan. It contained planning policies specifically designed for the town and intended to help achieve the aspirations to make sure that Uttoxeter was the best it could be.

The Uttoxeter Draft Neighbourhood Plan was subject to 6 weeks’ consultation beginning on the 15th February 2016. The consultation period ended at 5pm on 28th March 2016 and any submissions after this time were not considered.

Respondents left comments on any / all of the policies and did so as part of one submission. All comments were recorded and reported to the Steering Group as part of the ongoing process. All personal information collected as part of this process was used solely for the Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Plan and was not sold or passed to third parties beyond the Town Council and the Local Planning Authority.



All local residents and business owners were invited to read the draft Neighbourhood Plan and offer their feedback. The group asked residents to have a look at the plan and answer the following questions;

  • Do you support the Neighbourhood Plan’s aspirations for the town?
  • Do you agree with the Vision and Objectives set out in the document?
  • Do you think there are any key issues that have been missed or misinterpreted?
  • Do you support the suggested policies?
  • Do you have any further suggestions or comments to make? 

Comments must have been received in writing, and included the following information to be considered valid:

  • Name, address and contact information.
  • Specific reference to the section and / or policy to which the comments relate



The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group had two stalls (one inside the Town Hall and one on the High Street) at the market on Saturday 27th February 2016. Residents were invited to come and view the draft Neighbourhood Plan, speak to those involved in running the project and offer their feedback on the plan for their town.

To provide as many opportunities to view the draft neighbourhood plan and speak to those leading the project, the Steering Group also held two Roadshow events at the Town Hall on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2016.